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Product Designer based in the Bay Area •
Product Designer based in the Bay Area •
Product Designer based in the Bay Area •
Product Designer based in the Bay Area •
About resham
About resham


Product Designer @ Meta on the Responsibility & Privacy team.
B.A. in Cognitive Science and Psychology, University of California, Berkeley (Class of 2022)

You'll find me singing opera, designing VR games or experiences, painting, dancing, and going on walks in my free time. Scroll on and get to know me.

A few things I do outside of my usual design adventures:
Singing opera, exploring sleep science, painting, writing on Medium, 3D modelling, playing Beat Saber, volunteering, and creating educational resources for budding creatives
My most meaningful experiences are grounded in an array of emotions that each of them elicited and what those feelings taught me. Just how it would be impossible to identify one prime, purposeful emotion in my life, it would also be unfathomable to narrow down to a singular core experience.

When my (step) dad came into my life. He has shown me what true love and acceptance feel like.

Stepping onto the UC Berkeley campus for the first time was the defining moment that signified my transition to adulthood. I moved across the planet to a country where I don't have any family to get a good education and learn independence, which filled me with nervousness, excitement, and optimism.

I am not a very fit person, but I went to Yosemite and did the infamous El Capitan trail as my first hike. 12 hours, aching legs, and many injuries later, I could not believe what I'd accomplished. This taught me the importance of perseverance for accomplishing goals we set for ourselves.

My grandfather abruptly forgot who I am, 10 minutes into our phone conversation because of a neurodegenerative condition. This incident filled my heart with dread and made me reflect on the importance of family, the impermanence of life, and the fact that he might not recognize me by the next time I get to see him.
Growing up, I was mainly raised by my maternal grandparents as both my parents had long working hours. I grew even closer to them when my mother and I moved into their home after my parents separated. I would spend time with my grandparents (who I love very much) by watching documentaries, helping with housework, and showing them how to interact with different technologies.

When I see my grandparents use different digital products, I am always curious to learn more about how existing applications can be made more accessible to better serve the needs of the aging population. For example, my grandmother finds it hard to press small buttons because of her arthritis and my grandfather often feels overwhelmed by busy, feature packed screens due to his waning eyesight.

I want to be an advocate for equitable, accessible experiences and products by actively tackling challenging design problems in this space. By understanding where we lack in our current implementations of accessible design and sparking meaningful discourse to create awareness and educate others, I hope to continually set the bar for accessible design higher. With our futures becoming increasingly digital, it is imperative that we prioritize inclusion.